Yes,  We can provide building with wider bay than your typical 25-30'.  These types of design are commonly used in large warehouse application both in combination with concrete tilt up walls and or metal sheeting.  These wider bays are achieved through the use of bar joist or other types of web truss secondary members.

Yes,  most all of the buildings that we sell include the foundation design as part of the engineering package.  The building, soil type, soil density, and other factors dictate the design of the foundation.  In most cases we work with the customer to obtain some base line soil information and design the foundation from there.  However, in some cases a site visit and testing are required to determine the actual content and strength of the soil.

Mezzanine are creative feature that affords our clients more space with the same or smaller foot print.  These systems can be either building dependent or not depending on the use and application. 

While we do work directly with different lenders we do not provide direct lending or financing to our customers.  Our involvement with lenders ranges from simple project submittal packages for the building to full scale budgets for the entire project.

While most of our customer base is made up of builders we do sell directly to individuals.  

Yes, we are able to provide design and engineering for electrical, mechanical and plumbing design in most cases.